Dino Industrial Group, Under Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Goharshadi management, with a record of 36 years, engaged in business, import and export as well as production of bicycles, motorcycles and spare parts , the construction materials (stone and ceramics) and sanitary wares from china and European countries is recognized as one of the greatest and the most well-known companies. Since 1983, a new line of business has been started in the field of importing bicycles and accessories. (DINO brand for bicycle and bicycle parts under the name of Kavan, and other brands).

Since 1986, these activities extended through importing motorcycle spare parts such as KAVAN and AFROOZ, and new brand of this group is Dino, Supershian and Shian since 2008. This company is exclusive representative of Spoke/nipple of bicycle and motorcycle of Malaysia (Armstrong Company) as well as helmet and other related motorcycle parts from Thailand (OOH Company) & motorcycles from Malaysia (NAZA Company) and motorcycle & Bike Tire & tube from VEERUBBER Company of Thailand with MAGNUM-V brand. Recently, dino group is sole agent for Lexco brand for physical equipment from Korea. In 2001, Dino Industrial group by establishing the factory in SHAHRAK-E SHOKOOHIEH industrial part of QOM city for production of motorcycle - DINO brand, with 60 workers, began a new season in the market of motorcycle. The models that have been introduced to the market up to now, are as follow: 70CC, Winner 200, CG 125, CG 150, CDI 125, CDI 150, GY 125 and GY 200, DINO SUPER, ASLAN SUPER, New GY and Old GY, Mini Trailer 50CC, 90CC, 110CC with brands ASLAN, DINO, AFROOZ & DINO WIND, Zereh 125.



  1. Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Goharshadi: General Manager of Dino Industrial Group.
  2. Mr. Fereydoun Eslami: Commercial Manager with a service record of 6years
  3. Mr. Mohammad Reza Heshmati: Sale Manager with a service record of 5 years.
  4. Mr. Ali Afiati Shayan:sale Expert with a service record of 4 years.
  5. Mr.Seyed Hadi Mousavi:Office staff with a service record of 4years
  6. Mr.Mohammad Amin Shakeri:Account Manager with a service record of 1year
  7. Mrs.Naim Ramezanpour:commercail Manger with a service record of 1 years
  8. Mr. Mohammad Khodaverdi: Manager of Afrooz store with a service record of 8 years.
  9. Mr. Hamed Abdollahi: Manager of Kavan store with a service record of 4 years.